A Nivelco TRADE CENTER 1993-ban létesült Újpesten, amikor a rekonstrukció során a legújabb technológiával és adatátviteli eszközökkel felszerelt

Last updated: 29 May 2019

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We have offices in different sizes, which can be formed according to the wish of the renter. The offices are carpeted, air-conditioned, furthermore equipped with strip curtain and built-in wardrobes. We provide fresh coat of painting and floor carpeting before handover. In addition to the standard renovation, it is possible to implement special requests.


The shops are fitted with ceramic flooring. The glass portals on the street front ensure a good advertising space. Parking places are granted for guests and business partners in front of the shops. The shops can be revamped on demand.


The stores are accessible from the inner courtyard, easily approachable with forklift, furthermore they are equipped with heating, appropriate lighting and independent alarm system. There is a possibility the rent shops connected with stores. The inner height of the stores is 3–5 m. Forklift is available for loading goods.


Our large, 40 people meeting room is equipped with multimedia, air-conditioner, projector and speaker system. In addition, three smaller meeting rooms for 6–8 persons is also available. The meeting rooms are equipped with flexibly moveable furniture.


Parking is possible on 150 parking places in the inner courtyard of the office building, which is closed with barrier and guarded by security in 24 hours. A magnetic card access system is helping the occupation of the parking lots. Free parking is available in front of the office building. The office building area is located outside the currency zone, hence the parking in the surrounding streets is free.


Security service is available with security and patrol service in 24 hours. The building is equipped with interior and exterior video monitoring-, access control-, internal security-, fence protection-, and fire protection system.


Internet access is provided 24 hours. Traffic is available through independent leased line services. Furthermore, domain and mail maintenance (spam/virus monitoring) and web site hosting services are available. Any other requests, for example fixed IP address, is according to individual agreement. Our office building introduced a hotspot service among the first ones in Hungary.


Vault room with individual safe is available on request, secured by security system and guards.


A restaurant with hot kitchen (daily menu), cafeteria, vending machine, kitchenette operates in the building. Meeting rooms are available to rent for conferences and business meetings, to which the buffet service is available.


The reception is open 24 hours. The receptionists are taking care of the arriving guests and guide them to the renter. They manage the call center, they take over and forward messages. Their tasks include liaison with the renters, to solve or to transmit arising problems. Full range of postal services are available at the reception.

A Nivelco TRADE CENTER 1993-ban létesült Újpesten, amikor a rekonstrukció során a legújabb technológiával és adatátviteli eszközökkel felszerelt